As we discuss CX and ABM, which is targeting defined groups or personas, there must be a detailed plan in place before you start. WIN THE ROI DEBATE DEFINE YOUR BUSINESS MODEL AND GET REWARDED All successful startups and companies began with a business plan, excitement and nerves. Don't lose that edge or be complacent. STAY FOCUSED


Pre-planning is critical to correctly identifying and targeting your users and presenting a website design and content based on the data and metrics collected. Simply put, it focuses on user-centered design practices.

In practices. In our experience, for it to be a success, we require focus group style client participation, eg., work group(s) and council members providing input, data, information and feedback for the duration of the project. This can be achieved with our project management system, conferencing and more.

Planning Allows you to make informed choices

Slide OVERVIEW We need to gather a true understanding of your users personas, which will ultimately aid and benefit the primary goal eg. sales, conversion of website visitors into leads and then into buyers.

Providing an interactive, visual and content relevant website which strikes a chord with your visitors is the ultimate desire. With meticulous planning, we will have identified and targeted the visitors most likely to purchase what you are selling.
USER PERSONA COMPARISON Knowing your target audience is key, and separating them into easily identifiable categories will allow you to achieve precision and efficiency in your marketing, business, and design decisions.

With our data and bench-marking we can reveal each persona’s unique needs and frustrations.

3a The Digital Strategist Mark Burke’s background as a former Auditor with PWC for companies like Royal Bank of Scotland, Volvo Trucks, Local Scottish Government, Glasgow University, Dubai Petroleum and other corporations and institutions is a key reason why Browserweb is very analytical, methodical and disposed to pre-planning. As part of “The Internal Audit”, we will perform the following; SWOT Analysis
Business Model Review
Staff Interviews
Budget + Forecasts (Goals)
Internal Audit Review Process
2a SWOT Analysis Consider the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for your company and / or your competitors. 2a Business Model Reviews Gather the current overview of the business model.

Then use this when re-evaluating the businesses unique value proposition based your company’s activities and customer relationship.

Analyze your current website(s).
Learn about your current website visitors and users.
Collate historical data for planning (and predictive analysis).
Conduct user research, questionnaires and studies.
Develop user personas and memorialize that information and data.
Write scenarios.
Set tasks, goals and key timelines.
4a Staff/Stakeholder Interviews How better to learn about a business operation? Interviewing staff and stakeholders. This is critical and we’re great believers in the value of staff as pivotal to our success in implementing a sound digital strategy.