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Social media users are the largest growing segment of the Internet. Browserweb knows exactly what it takes to create #conversations for your brand by reaching your audience with a systematic social media strategy.




ck2 We can help you establish a social presence through top social media channels and networks, actively engage with users to foster new relationships that compel them to purchase, and move them to recommend your website to others.

We can also guide you and curate valuable content and calls to action (CTA) to meet your needs and expectations.
ck2 Social Advantage Browserweb’s team of experienced social media marketing experts can help you resolve this issue with resources that find and track negative comments and the behavior that leads people to search for them.

Content Monitoring
Blog Monitoring
Custom RSS Update Feeds
Targeted Social Campaigns
Social Network Monitoring

With Social Owl, we are not only marketing a social media account, we’re also making sure your brand and it’s reputation is intact. With our interaction and assistance, we’ll help you engage with customers for support online.

Get started today and grow your brands reputation and business opportunities with Social Owl.
ck2 Social Media Strategy with Social Owl An effective social media campaign has the ability to attract and engage visitors in a way that organic search results and paid advertising cannot. An effective social media strategy is focused on attracting visitors to relevant two-way conversations about your products, services, industry, or brand and increasing the volume and richness of those conversations.

Browserweb’s Social Owl will help clients “develop their voice” and learn how to “listen to markets”. Our social media tool development includes: Connecting you directly with your online audience which helps you increase your visibility, improve credibility and generate demand and sales. Are people talking about your company? If so, what are they saying? If not, why not? We help start conversations about your business.

Sometimes inaccurate and even negative information can rank highly in search engine results, just below or worse above company branded results, making it highly visible to current/future employees, customers, vendors, investors, and the media. This information can come from articles, product reviews and other sites created by disgruntled customers or employees. Important company constituents could be exposed to negative comments about your brand that you have no control over.
ck 3 Understanding Social Media Companies are engaging with Social Media platforms to personalize their message, to humanize their voice, and to spread the message about their organizations. If people tend to trust people they know, why not let them get to know you?

The emergence of Social Media for Business will change the way you brand, market, and share the message about your products and services.

Are you including your business in Social Media Marketing (SMM) and if so, are you doing so effectively?

Social Owl Our Subscription Pricing Social Media Management (SMM) SOCIAL Owl I Management of One Social Network 20 Social posts PM TO THE SELECTED NETWORK Social media marketing strategy FULL LIST OF FEATURES ON SOCIAL OWL PAGE $300 SETUP FEE $750 Per Month SOCIAL Owl II Management of Two Social Networks 20 Social posts PM per network Social media marketing strategy FULL LIST OF FEATURES ON SOCIAL OWL PAGE $450 SETUP FEE $950 Per Month SOCIAL Owl III Management of Three Social Networks 20 Social posts PM per network Social media marketing strategy FULL LIST OF FEATURES ON SOCIAL OWL PAGE $550 SETUP FEE
$1,150 Per Month

- Management of Social Network(s)
- Social media marketing strategy
- Social Media Competitive Analysis
- Social Media Brand Reputation Analysis
- Social Media Audit + Recommendations
- Daily monitoring of included social assets
- 24 business hours or less customer response time
- Up to 2 personal social media consultations per month
- Ratings and reviews alerts
- Tailored monthly reporting and analysis
- 1 Social Media Contest – Strategy, Graphic Design & - Management
- 20 Social posts per month (per network)

The Working Owl What's Included:-